Mindful Morning Tea


Every morning, you get a new shot at life.

Today could be the day you don’t lose control and eat six pounds of chips and salsa (the Vikings premiere was no excuse…although yes it kind of absolutely was). Today, you’re cutting down on the sugar. Today, you will finish all the shit you (way, way too) optimistically put on your list. Today, you will catch Ron in the act when he’s stealing your yogurt. Today, you will be calmer and happier and tremendously successful at everything.

Well, ok, by about 3pm when your patience for humanity is wearing thin and ALL YOU WANT ON GOD’S EARTH IS A CARAMEL MACCHIATO, many of these dreams will fade into a memory.

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t at least get a good start. For me, that means sticking to a morning tea ritual.

Like, not the intense kind of ritual with candles and the full moon and dancing and carefully arranged rocks and stuff (although, that does sound pretty cool, doesn’t it? I would totally go to that…), but the kind you can perform everyday.

To make my morning brew, I blend together about a teaspoon each of nettle, raspberry leaf, spearmint, and plantain. If I’m feeling classy and extravagant, I throw in a dash of rosehips.


Not only does this mix taste great, but the stuff in it is really good for you. Nettle is an incredibly nourishing herb (probably my favorite), filled with calcium, vitamins, and minerals. To me, it’s a healer, a wellness bringer, a nourisher.

Raspberry leaf is an excellent ally for us womenfolk; it supports the health of our whole reproductive system.

Plantain is a great helper of the immune system – in my experience, it’s especially good for minor colds and any time you’re feeling under the weather.

The spearmint…mmm. So good for the stomach, plus it really adds a pleasant taste to the tea.

And the rosehips lend a lovely, sweet-tart, berry-like flavor.

A close-up of the beautiful tasty herbs.
A close-up of the beautiful tasty herbs.

A teaspoon of each might sound like a lot, but I like my brews strong so I can get the most out of the herbs – I like to pour hot water over them, cover the cup, and let them infuse for 15-20 minutes before I drink them.


The key here is to just focus on drinking the tea. Think about the nourishing herbs, the comforting hot water. It’s almost like a meditation.

Block out all the other stuff going on in your head, like the bullshit waiting for you in your inbox, or the crappy thing someone said to you the other day.

Instead, create a quiet space where all you have to do is enjoy your tea, the morning light, the sky, and all the good stuff in the present moment.

Luna knows how to relax and enjoy the morning sun.

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