Newburgh Brewery

On the banks of the Hudson river sits a gem. A gem that offers excellent beer, delicious fries, and happiness. A gem called Newburgh Brewery.

A couple of weeks ago, on a cold spring Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a ride up and have a beer.

The taproom, which occupies the second floor of an old brick building, is really spacious and airy, with an awesome view of the river. It’s a really relaxed, comfortable setting in which to enjoy a drink with some fine friends.

Honestly, I wish I could live there.

And get married there.

And be buried there, beneath the beautiful polished floors…

This was on a Saturday around noon. If you’re going on a weekend and want to dodge the crowds, this seems to be the best time to show up.

On this visit, we tried three beers: I had the Spruce Mousse (a black saison with pine needles and chocolate), Ian had The Newburgh Conspiracy (a super dark Russian imperial stout with hints of licorice and fruit), and my sister had a Chocolate Fruition Gose (a nice light beer with chocolate and orange).

From left: A Russian imperial stout with serious attitude (and a super high ABV), an enchanting and woody stout, and a happy, citrusy dream beer. Aren’t they beautiful?

All of these beers were totally, totally excellent, but I liked mine the best. Pine needles in a beer? Sounds a little weird, but it really works. As I drank it, I felt like I was walking through a dark, magical forest filled with ancient wonder and majesty. I sensed the presence and approval of Odin. It also brought back memories of camping under pine trees in Maine…so nice.

Drunk hands: the color of my sister's mood rings = tiiiny bit tipsy.
Drunk hands: the mixed, transient colors of these mood rings = tiiiny bit tipsy.

And the perfect side to these wonderful drinks? A pretzel and some rosemary garlic fries, with mustard sauce and house-made mayo. They were so good we had to actually reason with ourselves not to keep ordering more and just eating until we died.

If you’re up for more than just a snack (although, sucking down a basket of fries seems a little more intense than a “snack”…), they have a ton of other tasty, locally sourced food on the menu.

These were amazing. I mean, look at that shit. This photo is not edited. There were actual magical sparks emanating from the fries.
I mean, look at this. This photo is not edited. There were actual magical sparks emanating from the fries.

Just thinking about it as I write this makes me want to go back….

So, bottom line: if you’re anywhere within a 1-2 hour drive of Newburgh, NY, and you appreciate a good beer and delicious local food, I’d say it’s definitely worth the trip.


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