Stuff About Us

So as for me…

I started out doing sciency stuff. Now I’m a writer. But working on becoming a herbalist, too. Also maybe someday a professional beer tester. Is that a thing?

I guess I’m a decent cook. Pie crusts are my bitch.

I love to hike. I want to complete the Catskill 35 someday…because mountains.

I’m an introvert. But I’m good at pretending otherwise. But mostly yes, I would like to eat my pasta alone and not go to your party.

I like to take pictures, mostly of plants. And Luna.

My (Partner? Manfriend? Husbandy person? Sun-and-stars? Consort? Oohh consort, yes that one) and I just bought our first house, which is really fun. And terrifying. But mostly fun. But also yes, the terrifying part.

I learned to fly fish last year, because I always wanted to.

I have way too many lipsticks.

I like to build stuff, most of the time without a solid plan for how to do it. This often leads to undue stress, resentment, broken relationships, and scrap wood.

As for Luna…

She is incredibly scared of balloons. She has her reasons.

She likes naps in the sun.

Hiking is her favorite. Kiwi is her other favorite.

She’s incredibly perceptive.

As for squirrels…just like balloons, those bastards can’t be trusted.

Me and Luna.
Me and Luna.